Main rules for quoting in APA style

The APA Style provides a set of rules on how to cite sources. It is important to know how to use the APA style correctly to prevent any form of plagiarism.

In this article we will explain the basic rules of this style step by step, so you will know what information you will need to take into consideration should you decide to adopt the APA Style in your work.


Highlight the sources used so that the reader of your work can identify and trace it back to the source. In addition to this, you give the author of the source the credit and the mention he deserves.

Main Rule of the APA Style

Whenever a source is used, it must be quoted directly in the sentence or in the paragraph in which it appears and is also included in the bibliographic references.

Bibliographic references are usually placed at the end of the paper, before the appendix.

In short

The rules for citation

There are very strict rules regarding how to cite sources, these rules are called citation style. In the previous examples it is not a case that the title of the source is written in italics in the bibliographic references. In the case of a book, for example, the title must always be written in italics.

Often there are slightly different rules depending on the type of source. But the main rule is always the same: if you quote a source directly in the text, you must necessarily indicate it in the bibliographic references.

Differences between other languages and English

When using the APA style, there are some differences between other languages and English to consider. In a list we have summarized these differences.

Exceptions to the main rules

To make things even more complicated, the APA Style Style has several exceptions. One of these is that the source is not indicated in the bibliographic references if the reader cannot be able to find the source.

For example, this happens if you use a private Facebook profile to which the reader has no access. Another rule regarding intranet sources.


If you do not refer to a source correctly, you commit plagiarism. Committing plagiarism can have very serious consequences. For this reason it is important to pay the utmost attention to prevent plagiarism.

APA, the basic principles to mention

Now that you know the basics of the APA Style, it is important to understand how to properly refer to each type of source. In the following two articles, we will explain these basic principles in more detail.