Formatting of bibliographic references in APA

Creating the list of bibliographic references in APA Style requires a lot of work. But you will also need to make sure that the formatting of the list of references is correct. For example, the first line of the reference to a source must be aligned to the left margin. If the reference to the source extends for more than one line, the following lines must be indented.

Step 1. Create APA style references

The rules of the APA style are quite complicated. You can simplify things using our reference generator: select the type of source, enter the necessary information in the respective fields and the generator will automatically create the reference to the source in the correct format.

For this reason, our APA Generator is the right one for you. After you finish creating all the references you need, you can download the list of bibliographic references in Microsoft Word format.

Step 2. Set the alignment

Make sure the Word ruler is visible by going to View and selecting Ruler. Then select all the text of the bibliographic references.

In the ruler you will see two triangles and a rectangle. If you select the lower triangle and move it to the right, you will see that the first line remains unchanged while the other lines are indented.

Step 3. Split the URLs

Microsoft Word considers URLs as one word and, for this reason, will always put a long URL in a new line. In this way, however, many white spaces will remain. See the following screenshot:

What you need is for Word to divide the URL after a slash, so that the lines are not left half empty. You can divide a URL after a bar by positioning the cursor after the bar and clicking on InsertSymbolOther symbols … → Special characters. Enter the character Optional break without width.

You can also enter this special character by typing ALT + 8203. Attention, the numbers must be entered using the numeric keypad. Or the number keys on the right of the keyboard.

You can insert the special character after each bar of your document using the Find and replace function of Word. In Find, write a bar. In Replace with first write a bar and then type ALT + 8203. Now click on Replace All.