APA style

Quote following the APA rules

Every time a text is literally copied from a source, a quote is made. Copying the definition of a concept from a given source is an example of a quote. The APA Style has established a set of rules for formatting citations. For example, double quotes should be used when writing a quote less than 40 words.

Quote less than 40 words

When quoting a part of text that is less than 40 words, double quotes are used before and after the quotation.

Quote over 40 words

If the quote contains 40 or more words, you need to format it out of indented text without the quotes. With a quote from several paragraphs, each paragraph following the first must be put in the indented form. If the quote ends with a dot, the source after the dot is indicated. In the following example it is shown more clearly.

Other rules for quoting

The quotation must be a textual copy of the text present in the source. This means that you must also report any spelling and grammar errors. However, it is possible to put the first uppercase or lowercase letter, depending on your needs. Also you can change the punctuation at the end of the quotation.

If the words that contain errors are annoying or if you want to add or remove something from the quote, then you have to follow very specific rules.

Misspellings in a quote

Spelling errors in a quotation should never be corrected. But the most obvious mistakes can be annoying for the reader. In this case, it is possible to let the reader know that the error has been noticed and that it is not the work of the author of the paper.

To do this it is necessary to insert the word “sic” after the incorrect word. The word “sic” must be written in brackets and in italics. The word “sic” is Latin and thus means, in this way or – in other words, “that’s how I found it.”

Other sources (including The Chicago Manual of Style) claim that it is acceptable to correct minor misspellings or typos, such as the one shown above.

Remove or shorten the text in a quote

When part of the text of a quotation is omitted, it is obligatory to indicate the lack by writing: “. . . “. This sign is called ellipsis. When you remove a few words from a sentence, replace them with three points.

Between each of the points, enter a space. When you remove the entire sentence from the quote, replace it with four points, again this time with a space between each of them. Note that the first point indicates the end of the previous sentence. See the following examples.

Add text to a quote

Sometimes you want to add something to a quote to make a certain phrase or idea clearer. Every addition must be written in square brackets [].

Highlight the words in a quote

When you want to highlight a word or phrase in a quote, simply write it in italics. Immediately afterwards it is necessary to write “italics added” in brackets.

Quote in the text following the APA style

As seen in the previous examples, we have included a reference to the source after each citation. This is because we followed the official rules of the APA Style concerning references to citations in the text.